Tell me do

Tell me do you want the world and everything in it? What kind of girl are you? Or are you being for real, when you tell all your friends That real love will do? I don’t have much money but I don’t subscribe To the notion every woman has a price I don’t have much […]

Hang with gangs

Hang with gangs, that hang and bang Animals, arrangatangs, hammers move, bangers bang Damn, it’s new the game done changed I got a whole selection, a whole collection A ho selection of my ho collection And I’m big pimpin’, stick givin’, quick shiftin’ Listen, this isn’t, no damn game in here (Oww) Yeah, the whole […]

A blossom fell

A blossom fell from off a tree It settled softly on the lips you turn to me The gypsies say and I know why A falling blossom only touches lips that lieA blossom fell and very soon I saw you kissing someone new Beneath the moon I thought you’d love me You said you love […]

In the evening

In the evening, When the day is done I’m looking for a woman, but the girl don’t come So don’t let her, Play you for a fool She don’t show no pity baby, she don’t make no rules [Chorus:]¬†Oh, oh, I need your love, I need your love Oh, I need your love, I just […]

A deadly serenade

Curse or repayment? Truth or illusion? In my noble asylum When dark hours linger The sinister silence Is bowed into millions of tears The sweetness of sound Turns to raging thunder A deadly serenade In the moonlight, the bringer of pain Like fear on a silver plate I am frozen, betrayed by myself When will […]